Clean Thrust

As many reps as pos­si­ble in 10 minutes:

1 minute  T2B
1 Minute Burpees

Score in min­i­mum reps for all rounds

Post score and comments

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29 thoughts on “Friday”

  1. Clean Thruster: 30kg. Did one set at 35kg. Shoul­der was quite sore this morn­ing!
    WOD: 17 Rx’d. So dis­ap­point­ing! Really slowed down on the T2B. Just couldn’t get with the pro­gram this morning! :???:

  2. Clean Thruster: 50kg — :twisted: Stoked… havent lost as much strength as i thought… OR my tech­nique is stronger… more likely the latter!

    WOD: Not so cool — 17 rxd; T2B/Burpees are my weak­est links — plus T2B tech­nique was terrible!

  3. Clean Thruster — 30kg, I pulled the pin at this point due to some back pain (too much pos­te­rior chain work while I have been nurs­ing a shoul­der injury :roll: ) so I look for­ward to see­ing how much I can actu­ally lift next time!

    WOD — 31 reps, KR & push ups.

    Happy Weightlift­ing Day for tomor­row guys, I am going to rest my poor old back for the weekend ;-)

  4. Clean Thruster — 95kg. felt good with these today
    WOD — 25 rxd. didnt have any­more today.

  5. Clean Thruster — 40x2 50x2 60x2x4
    WOD: 19 Rxed started off with 11 and 11 but dropped to 9 T2B and 10 Burpees

  6. Clean Thruster — 30Kg
    WOD: 14 but I did get T2B but scaled to K2E and scaled fur­ther to Kr but get­ting there

    Clem: Clean Thruster 50Kg
    WOD 17 with Knee Raises

    Good luck tomor­row everybody

  7. Clean Thruster — 40kg
    WOD — 18, knees to elbows

    Almost spewed on the burpees

    Sec­ond ever work­out com­plete. I could get addicted to this :lol:

  8. Clean Thruster –65–88-95lbs (failed on 2nd attempt)
    WOD: Only made it 6 min (well 3 rounds of each exer­cise). Ab injury both­er­ing me, decided it was best not to push it.

  9. Clean Thrust: 90kg, a good work­ing weight.
    Wod: 30 reps RX’d.….probably about 5 reps short on burpees.…I’m just gam­ing tho. (thanks Southy) ;-)

  10. I for­get what I did for the CT — some­where around 70KG.
    WOD — 25 Rxd, 15 T2B/10Burpees

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